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Downs Roofing Windmaster Whirlybirds.

    Hassle-free roof maintenance in Toowoomba


    Suffering from a leaky roof? Searching for an affordable maintenance-free solution to roofing and guttering? Speak to the experts in metal roofing solutions here at Down Roofing today. With over 32 years’ experience, our family owned and operated business can help you design and install a fantastic metal roof, ensuring both security and style for many years to come.
    Downs Roofing Window Hoods

    Window Hoods

    Add some class and sophistication to the exterior of your home or business with our custom-made window hoods. Available in a variety of styles, window hoods can turn an ordinary window into something amazing and will raise the profile of your property instantly.


    We can supply flashings in lengths up to 8m and in the full range of Colorbond colours. 


    Save money by taking advantage of natural lighting. We can install a skylight into your home or commercial building and brighten up any room.

    Roof Insulation

    If you want to keep the heat out in summer and in during the winter, insulation is the perfect solution. Get in touch with our team of professional insulation installers today to start saving on your energy bills.

    Ampelite© Fibreglass and Polycarbonate

    If you need to allow the maximum amount of sunlight into an area but are concerned about protecting it from the harsh elements, we recommend and can install the Ampelite© range of fibreglass and polycarbonate products.
    Downs Roofing windmaster whirlybird colour chart

    Windmaster Whirlybirds

    Whirlybirds are the cheap and effective solution when it comes to ventilating your ceiling space. They will help you keep the temperatures in your home or commercial building down and allow you to save money on your air conditioning bill.

    Cladding and roofing options:

    Downs Roofing Roofing and Cladding Options

    Cladding and roofing options:

    Cladding and roofing options:

    Downs Roofing Roofing and Cladding Options

    With so many styles, shapes and colours available, you’re sure to find the perfect roof for your needs at Downs Roofing.


    New roofs, re-roofing and re-guttering

    Join the metal roofing revolution. All over the country, Australians are realising the fantastic advantages of installing a metal roof. Not only are all our metal roofs stylish and secure, they are virtually maintenance-free, fire-resistant, insulating, cooling, durable and lightweight. Long lasting and environmentally friendly, our metal roofs come in a huge variety of styles and shapes.

    Whether you’re a residential, commercial or industrial client, we can design and install the perfect roof for you. As authorised Stramit Building agents, you can rest assured that your roof is made of the highest quality metal and installed by qualified and experienced professionals. As specialists in heritage, federation, traditional and colonial styles, we can completely reinvent your roof, windows and guttering. 

    Asbestos roof sheeting removal and disposal

    Unfortunately, many homeowners are not aware that their existing roofing materials may contain asbestos. This harmful substance can cause long-term illness through exposure, so it’s important to ensure that your house or business is 100% asbestos-free. Our team have the experience and qualifications to safely remove asbestos from your roof and dispose of it safely. 

    High access work

    Is your roof high to reach or in an especially high area? If so, never fear! Downs Roofing Pty Ltd are fully trained to perform high access work, and we can reach even the trickiest of spots.

    Commercial and industrial maintenance

    If you own a commercial or industrial property that requires regularly roofing maintenance, give us a call today. We can schedule a one-off visit or regular checks to ensure your roofs and gutters stay leak-free.


    Speak to our team today for innovative roofing solutions at prices that aren’t through the roof. Call us on 07 4639 2668 today. 

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